Water Treatment & Purification Systems

Safe domestic water supply is now a global subject of discussion and provision of the same is not guaranteed in many of the developing countries.

At CESP Africa we are providing a range of potable water purification technologies: basic filtration, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis, sea water desalination and UV disinfection. In addition through our trading division
we stock all chemicals related to water treatment works.

Having in-house capability to undertake system designs, CESP Africa is able to deliver turnkey potable water purification projects that meet KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) and WHO (World Health Organization) standards.

Residential Water Treatment Systems

The product range from this business unit guarantees water treatment safe for drinking and other domestic uses. The products are plug and play units that will provide enough water for drinking purposes only or whole house solution that purify water volumes to meet 100% water demand for a family housing unit.

The range in this category of water treatment systems include basic filtration systems, softeners, domestic reverse osmosis systems and UV disinfection systems.

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Commercial Water Treatment Systems

Regardless of the source of water( Sea, River, dam, borehole, well) CESP Africa has a suitable water treatment solution for you.

Through our feasibility and design teams we are able to analyze your water
quality and prescribe the best sustainable solution for your application. Key consideration during design includes aspects such as power consumption, space
requirements, complexity of operations, adaptability to project phasing and quality control and assurance.

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