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Biological media

Biological media is any material that provides a contact surface for attachment of beneficial bacteria to effectively break down and treat wastewater.

Different wastewater treatment methods utilize different bio-media, but their function is the same.

  • Provide increased surface area for attachment of bacteria.
  • Prevent beneficial bacteria from being washed away with effluent.
  • Allow wastewater to pass through the media efficiently providing material for the bacteria to digest.

We offer bio-media for A systems utilizing moving bed bio film reaction (MBBR) or Fixed-ln Activated Sludge (IFAS) technology.

The bio-media is designed to be slightly buoyant in water. Bacteria attaches to the media and as air is blown within the chamber the media wastewater is agitated moving the bio-media in the chamber and providing necessary oxygen for the bacteria. The bio-media is made of Polyethylene hence is non-biodegradable meaning it can be used for years and may only need replacement if the media gets clogged.

Biological media
Bio-media suspended in an MBBR system.

We offer bio-media for systems that use activated sludge technology. Made from the same material, they are non-biodegradable hence can be used for years. Provide a large and secure surface for attachment of bacteria.

Biological media
Bio-media installed in an activated sludge wastewater treatment plant.