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Wastewater treatment Chemical supplies

We offer chemical supplies for wastewater treatment plants.


Biotreat is a non-corrosive, non-pathogenic potent mix of naturally occurring waste water microbial culture used to enhance the active micro-organism population available for bio-augmentation thus reducing the sewage load.

It’s a thick grey liquid powder, suspended in a dilute solution. It’s therefore advisable to always shake to ensure proper mixing before each usage.

Its benefits include:

• In a stressed, new or unused treatment plant, upon application it re-establishes the correct balance of bacteria, reduces odor, improve effluent quality and settling.

• Help wastewater systems perform at optimum treatment levels.

• Safe for all plumbing.

Organic Solution Secondary (OSS)

 OSS is a nutrient supply that is seeded in the treatment process to increase microbial activities in the breakdown of the waste matter.

It’s a thick brown concentrate that has a slight pungent smell and expands with time. Its therefore advised to store in a cool place and lid to be loosely closed.

Its use is mostly tied to start-up or emergency situations, to help pace up plant recovery.


Chlorine is used as a disinfectant of the treated effluent before storage and end-use application.

Its available in concentrations of 65%, 85% and 90%.

It occurs as:

• Granules or liquid when used in a dosing system.

• Tablets when used in a chlorinator.


This is used in emergency situations for clearing heavily discolored water and increases filtration efficiency as the treatment process recuperates.

Its benefits include:

• Its organic therefore doesn’t affect the treatment process.

• It can be used as both primary coagulant and coagulant aid.

• Has a high positive charge.

• Its effective at small dosages therefore economical.