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Commercial ultrafiltration water purification system case study.

commercial water treatment system

CESP Africa provided a 25m3/h containerized ultrafiltration system to Thika sewage &water Co. LTD to provide clean water for the population around Kantafu Ngoliba market in Kiambu county. Our containerized system is contained in a 40ft shipping container meaning it is portable.

The water to be filtered is sourced from Chania river in the area. Pump stations from the river pump water to Kantafu market where the filtration system is located.

At the plant there is a pioneer tank installed by CESP Africa to store the raw water before it is treated.

Pioneer water tank and containerised ultrafiltration system
Pioneer water tank to store raw water and the containerized ultrafiltration system.

The ultrafiltration system.

The water is received in the container with the ultrafiltration system. The water is pumped into a sand filter to get rid of suspended material in the water.


The sand filter vessel contains different grades of media to remove the suspended solids in t he influent.

Multi-media filter and bag filter vessels.

The water passes through a bag filter with seven different filters to further purify the water.

Another pump pushes the water to the ultrafiltration membrane. The water is then stored in a clean water tank before it is used.

Control box for the system and housing for the ultrafiltration membranes.
Control box for the system and housing for the ultrafiltration membranes.
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